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Since 2006, 66 South Dakota teenagers died in underage drinking and driving crashes. In that same time, 864 South Dakota teenagers were injured in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes.

These deaths and injuries are preventable, but only if you talk to your kids.

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Parents across the state are taking a stand. Underage drinking is not acceptable. Ever.


It has been proven that if you talk to your children, they'll listen. We can help.

Click the graphic to read stories of teens who have been impacted by underage drinking and driving crashes.

  • 61 Killed

Nationally, South Dakota teens rank 2nd highest for binge drinking at 26.2%. And South Dakota teens rank 5th highest for driving after drinking at almost 11%

80% of teens feel that parents should have a say in whether they drink alcohol.


For more information, contact PRAIRIE VIEW PREVENTION SERVICES at 1-800-343-9272

PARENTS MATTER  :  South Dakota Department of Public Safety


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